Practical SEO techniques and tools for online course creators

Learn everything you need to know about how you can create a winning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for your online school to rank higher on Google and attract more visitors and enrollments.
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Simple Keyword Research

How to discover powerful keywords that are relevant to your audience and will help you attract more visitors. Best practices and tools to use.

On-Page SEO

Beginners’ tips and tricks for on-page SEO to get your school content rank to the top of Google search results without paying for ads.

Link Building

Why you need to actively pursue backlinks, and how you can formulate an easy-to-follow, yet powerful, link-building strategy.

Rich School Content

How to create winning content that will dominate search engines, provide value, and convert more readers into enrollments.

Set up for Success

How to optimize your school and course set up for the best SEO performance. Insiders’ tips and tricks to every SEO setting you need.

School Examples

How successful course creators tackle technical and non-technical SEO to outrank competition and increase awareness for their content.

Course Contents

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